How Does Recitrees Work?

Recitrees is a revolutionary new way to read your favorite recipes. Instead of long lists of ingredients and directions, Recitrees lays out the ingredients and directions in the order you use them, eliminating any confusion.

Recipes by Recitrees from Sue Busscher on Vimeo.

Navigating the Recipes by Recitrees IBook from Sue Busscher on Vimeo.


Sue's Recitrees project has been 2 years in the making.  It came out of a desire to eliminate confusion through the creation of an easier and more systematic recipe layout.

While traditional recipes require shifting back and forth between the ingredients and the directions, Recitrees allows you to work sequentially in a user friendly format.

While sharing recipes that have been passed down from generations and shared amongst friends, Recitrees provides a fresh twist on family favorites and a brand new outlook on the Conventional recipe book.

Meet Sue

Sue Busscher's passion for baking and cooking stems from growing up watching her family cook at gatherings and learning the secrets to creating great dishes. In an attempt to eliminate the confusion that comes from traditional recipe directions, Sue came up with Recitrees. Now a variety of recipes from her grandmother's Moist Carrot Cake to her mother's Dairyland Hamburger Casserole come in an easy-to-follow format that makes it easy for anyone to create delicious meals and desserts.

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Traditional Recipe Layout

A traditional recipe layout requires the eye to jump back and forth from ingredients to directions

Recitrees Layout

Recitrees allows a reader to follow the directions and ingredients in the order they’re used in the recipe